Welcome to a Web Site dedicated to the works of my Father, presented by his son, Robert Bruce Williams, Orlando, Fl. revision: 11/2007.

JFW II was awarded medals for bravery during WW1 separately from 3 nations: U.S., England and Belgium, as well as the Purple Heart (US). The (British) Military Cross was presented at Buckingham palace on December 19, 1918 by King George V.

From the left, the Distinguished Service Cross (US), the Military Cross (British) {note ER for Queen Elizabeth} and the Chevalier of the Order of the Crown (Belgium). The crossed muskets are from his North Carolina "Old Hickory" 30th division, who's roots can be traced back to Civil War and Revolutionary times. Not shown is the Purple Heart, for a wound in the arm just a few weeks before the end of the war. See the his biographical link below for more information.

In early 1919, from his notes taken during the war, he wrote Experiences in the Great War, detailing the horror and bravery that the 24 year old saw and experienced on a daily basis. These included a daring daytime raid on a German machine-gun pill-box, having a fellow soldier blown up 5 feet from him, and the hell-horror in breaking through the Hindenburg Line. In 1975, he then bravely faced the stored away horror, and edited the 1919 writing and published it. It has been divided into two parts for this Website.

Many Photos courtesy of Photos of the Great War

An excellent WW1 site: GREAT WAR

Experiences in the Great War Part I - Ypres
Experiences in the Great War Part II - Somme

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Other works of John Francis Williams II,

  • One Life - Male: A Tale of Sunshine and Shadow(1977) (autobiography)

    Still yet to be Websited:

    1. William J. Williams, Portrait Painter (1933), with supplement (1948)
    2. Fifty-Six Generations: An Ancestral Journey Through History (1965)
    3. The Ancestor, Dorrance & Company (1971)