This a a short biographical sketch done by the author as it appears in his book Fifty-Six Generations .

The Captain January 1919, just after receiving the British Military Cross from King George V

Colonel USAR(Ret). Born 9 January 1894, Charlotte, N.C. Married first (1920) to Doris Jenkins, daughter of James Jenkins and Fannie Mae Griffith; children: Fannie Ray; John F. III; Donald A. Married second (1933) to Virginia Pomeroy, daughter of Norman Pomeroy and Ruth Hall; children: Norman Pomeroy; Robert Bruce.

B.S. Chemistry, N.C. State College, 1917; M.A. in Chemistry, Univ. of Buffalo, Arts & Science, 1928. In 1956, at retirement from U.S. Civil Service as a chemist, was Chief, Div. of Technical Services, Bureau of Customs, with supervision over 125 scientific and other employees located at the principal ports of the U.S.

He owns U.S. Letters Patent Nos. 1689901-2 covering Processes to Determine the Alcohol and Color in Alcoholic Liquids. In 1934 he gave the Government rights to use the patents without payment of royalty, resulting in several million dollars gain in revenue for the U.S.

Various publications in technical and chemical journals; he is a Fellow, Amer. Institute of Chemists; Member, American Chem. Society; Cosmos Club; Legion of Valor; American Legion; MOWW; Md. Lodge 215 A.F.A.M. See Chemical Who's Who, 3rd. Ed. Inactive: ASTM, ASQC, Alpha Chi Sigma. Congregational Church work: Silver Spring, Md., Moderator and Board of Deacons; La Jolla, Ca., Chairman, Bd. of Trustees. After retirement, he taught courses in Chemistry at the College for Men, and the High School of the University of San Diego for five years.

The Colonel with a wild baby mountain Lion 1944

Military record: active and inactive, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, 2nd Lt., 1st Lt., Captain, Major, Lt. Col., and Colonel, Infantry. O-143669.

World War I: Commanded Co. B, 120th Infantry. This unit was in the forefront of the combined arms assault which broke the Hindenburg Line at Bellicourt, France, September, 1918. Distinguished Service Cross (US); Military Cross (British) presented to him at Buckingham Palace in January 1919 by King George V.; Chevalier of the Order of the Crown (Belgium). Purple Heart --German mg. bullet pierced right forearm near St. Souplet, France, October 19,1918, three weeks before the Armistice.

World War II: (a) Commanded the 915th Air Base Security Bn. (colored troops); (b) Air Inspector's Office, Mobile Air Technical Service Command.

His favorite poem

Meritus Citation for great courage and bravery for the pill box raid

Newpaper article describing Dad's daytime raid on pillbox.