This chart was constructed using the book
        A FAMILY RECORD by Alonzo Foster printed in 1895.(J.F.W. II)

	1. Christopher Foster, wife Frances 
		1603-                  1610-
       came from England in 1635 on the ship "Abigal."
       In 1637 he became a citizen of Boston, Mass.
       Years later he moved to Southhampton. They had
       six children but the descendants of only one,
       Joseph will be shown in this chart.

	2. Joseph Foster
               -1708    3   children
	3. Joseph Foster, Jr.              (The coat of arms
                        8   children    of the Foster family
                                         is shown in the  
	                                   FAMILY RECORD book)
	4. Daniel Foster
               -1741    5   children
	5. Jonas Foster                               
	                  4   children
	6. Wakeman Foster     m. Martha Sawyer
         1738-1829             children:  Phebe and John Sawyer.
	7. John Sawyer Foster m.  Phebe Penny (daughter of Joseph Penny)
         1789-1853         1812   1795-1881  
                                  15     children     
	8. Joseph Penny       m. Deborah Squires
         1768-1845        1789   1767-1859
                             13     children
	9. Harvey Penny       m. Abigal Raynor
         1797-1865        1819
                             8   children
	10. Ann Maria Penny   m. Joseph A. Williams
          1829-1871       1848  1819-1875
                                9   children
      Note 8.  The parents of Joseph Penny are not
               shown. He and Deborah Squires were the
               parents of both Phebe Penny (No.7)
               and her brother, Harvey Penny, (No.9).